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Ubuntu Traditional Balms was born out of the traditional-remedy legacy passed down from a small and humble family-owned pharmacy that’s been trading since 1948. 

The famous community pharmacy has served her community well over the decades. The original chemist formulated various balms to cater for the patients’ needs. 

The proven benefits of these balms spread by word of mouth and gained popularity in the greater Cape Town community. People would come from far and wide to purchase their favourites, which helped to treat nappy rash, boils and chesty, wheezy coughs, among other ailments and skin conditions.

The secret formula for the balms has passed down through generations of pharmacists/chemists, and helps the community to this day. 

The Ubuntu brand ethos is embodied in the phrase/slogan ‘Old Remedies Reborn’ - We’ve breathed new life into trusted remedies.


Pharmacists handmaking old remedies with mortar and pestle
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