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Beauty that is worth the Wait! - Ubuntu Flagship shop!

So proud to announce that our flagship shop will be opening soon in The Beauty Box in The Watershed, Waterfront. The date will be announced soon! Hopefully when COVID-l9 leave our shores we will be up and running!

You can expect our vintage balms, creams, our basic range of soaps & salts, our Jolly-Good cosmetic range, and our new range Love African Dirt Experience- Eva's Khoi-Goed scrubs & the DIY scrub experience where you can make your own scrub & name it! You can buy a voucher for a loved one on our website!

We also have time now to work on another range which will entice the tweenies in our midst! Just concocting the best flavours & fragrances! Very excited about this one, keep an eye out!

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