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Do you have Ouma se Doepa Muti oil?

Ok lets focus on the one thing that almost ALL parents have experienced or will experience at least once in their lives....COLIC !

When colic happens you sweet little baby almost become diabological. They are restless, cry all the time & won't sleep for longer than 20 minutes!

Colic is a broad term for stomach cramps, restlessness, crying & winds. There can be a whole lot of causes. It is not easy to treat especially when baby is young. You can change the milk, use a million different over the counter products but still baby will cry. To be honest there isn't just one remedy that works, it must be treated syndromically.

Ouma se Doepa Muti is an age old traditional colic remedy that almost every grandmother knew how to make. With new products coming out through the years this 'one' has been forgotten a bit.

Ouma se Doepa contains the Dutch remedies like Doepa & Duiwelsdrek crystals, Entressdruppels & Rooilaventel. All these oils is known to reduce colic & flatulence.

Ouma se Doepa's base is pure virgin olive oil which is great as a moisteriser & can be used in a bath as well.

Rub baby stomach in circular motion with the oil making sure you massage the legs as well in "bicycle action" making sure to press the legs against the tummy to help relieve winds.

Keep your eyes peeled for a new Ubuntu "colic" product coming soon in our Medical Functional Garbs range!

You can shop online or at selected pharmacies.

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