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Hamba Kakkerlak! "Bye Bye Cockroach!"

Almost everyone dislikes cockroaches, and especially in this hot weather they tend to crawl from the weirdest most wonderful places especially in humid areas & old neighborhoods.

We have the magic solution for you to get rid of cockroaches (any type that you know....German ones, South African ones.....etc.)., We are talking about real cockroaches here....!

Did you know that we also have "Ubuntu Traditional Home"? Besides us doing all the "pretty" balms and creams we also do our famous cockroach repellant, "Hamba Kakkerlak"!

Hamba Kakkerlak is a cockroach repellant made with an age-old formula with boracic powder already mixed into a paste! No longer do you have to buy all the other ingredients to make the paste, its conveniently done and packaged and ready to be bought of a shelf!

The trick is to roll it into balls & place it behind your appliances like the fridge (must be placed where kids and pets can't get too) and leave it there for a while, the cockroaches will eat it and disappear!

Please note! It is poison -Keep out of reach of children, not for human consumption, if consumed by accident rinse mouth and phone poison center at 086-1555-777.

Each product is handmade & formulated by a pharmacist and her team of ladies from a local community in Cape Town.

And off course keep in mind we are the affordable, compact, fit-in-your pocket brand but our ingredients packs a powerful punch!

Please note our Hamba Kakkerlak is not available at Our Watershed store! Its available online!

Avoid the busy malls & shop locally handmade South African businesses, not only are you supporting us but you are supporting an entrepreneurs' dream & family!

Our message is to encourage people to shop local!

There are several reasons why:

Firstly the owners of local businesses are behind the counters!

Local businesses stock local products & buy local services!

Local businesses supports local events, sports teams & charities 250% more than corporations!

Buying local keeps 4 times the money in the economy compared to shopping at chains!




Walking into the new year with our eyes raised to our beautiful mountain! Have a prosperous new year everyone!

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