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Love African Dirt Experience

Introducing the Love African Dirt Experience! The Ultimate Fynbos Body Scrub range of 4 different body scrubs each with its own unique essential fynbos oils & African carrier oils. The scrubs are super rich & moisterising enriched with shea butter, olive oil, local Cape Honey & fynbos flowers.

In celebration of the Khoi-San heritage the range was created & named after Eva or "Krotoa" the first Khoisan translator for the Dutch back in the 1600's when the Dutch reached our shores. These oils are possibly what she used as part of her daily beauty rituals. The range is called Eva's Khoi'Goed - the herb "Helicrysum Odaratissimum" that was used as bedding stuffing therefore "Kooi Goed" meaning "bed stuff" in English.

The scrub range consists of Marula & Duckfoot; Baobab & Malva; Manketti & Impepho and Makataan & Boegoe.

The Love African Dirt DIY scrub experience is available at our store in The Watershed, Waterfront where you can make your own scrub or buy a gift voucher for the experience for a loved one on our website.

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