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Do you have the right summer essentials for your Cape Town holiday?

Cape Town beaches is packed with holiday makers and we can identify the ones that is not so use to our harsh African sun, by their lobster tans 😲😄🌞.

If you want a truly South African or even more local brand, locally handmade in Cape Town look no further than our unique products. We have the right summer essentials for your beach bag or safari with our Bladdy Good Sunscreen; Bladdy Good Afterburn Gel and our Lekker Lips range.

Each product is handmade & formulated by a pharmacist and her team of ladies from a local community in Cape Town.

Ubuntu is proud to launch "Bladdy Good Sunscreen"; a 100% mineral based sunscreen.

Our mineral sunscreen formulation is accredited to EU COLIPA certified and as streak free; chemical free; paraben free and stain free SPF 30 sunblock.

This formulation provides a chemical free, environmentally friendly, skin nourishing sunscreen with high UV A blocking capacity, preventing pre-mature skin aging and damage.

Every ingredient that is in the mineral sunscreen range, was carefully selected to have zero or very limited impact on our environment.

The UV blockers are all natural occurring minerals and can be found in nature, as minor mineral components in many soil profiles

All ingredients are vegan friendly & product is paraben free.

Strict environmental impact consideration was used through formulation stage, to ensure product is bio-degradeable.

The mineral range is suited for children 6 months and older.

Our formulation is basically as natural as we can make a water resistant sunscreen and is well suited to all skin types, including sensitive skin.

We offer the mineral sunscreen range without scent which is suitable for sensitive skin.

✅ safe for kids

✅ chemical free

✅paraben free

✅ fragrance free

✅ safe for sensitive skin

✅ mineral based

✅ colipa certified

✅SPF 30

✅ water resistant

✅ local made

✅stain free

✅streak free

✅ fits in your pocket/travelsize

Meet our "Bladdy Good Afterburn Gel"- cause ain't nobody needs a Lobster Tan!

We have had the most beautiful weather in Cape Town, but we also had a lot of sunburnt faces and shoulders walking around!

Aloe Ferox is a tropical medicinal plant that has been used for thousands of years to treat skin conditions, such as wounds and burns. Aloe vera is so effective at soothing burns that it’s sometimes referred to as the “burn plant"

To treat a sunburn, spread a layer of our pure organic aloe gel on the burnt areas.

Aloe Ferox is best used when it’s in 100 percent aloe vera gel form and when it’s kept chilled. If you have a sunburn, apply aloe vera a few times a day to the sunburnt area.

PS. If you have a severe burn, see a doctor before applying aloe.

Avoid the busy malls & shop locally handmade South African businesses, not only are you supporting us but you are supporting an entrepreneurs' dream & family!

Our message this Holiday Season is to encourage people to shop local!

There are several reasons why:

Firstly the owners of local businesses are behind the counters!

Local businesses stock local products & buy local services!

Local businesses supports local events, sports teams & charities 250% more than corporations!

Buying local keeps 4 times the money in the economy compared to shopping at chains!


At our Flagship store @ The Watershed, V&A Waterfront; Cape Town


Walking into the new year with our eyes raised to our beautiful mountain! Have a prosperous new year everyone!

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