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Hamba Mozzies! "Bye Bye Mosquitos!"

Lets talk about our favourite insect called a mosquito.... Is it because they’re bloodthirsty sadists that ruin our summers and keep us awake all night long? I wouldn’t say that. It turns out that the buzzing noise you hear is caused by the flapping motion of the mosquito’s wings, which can actually beat up to 1,000 times per second. Their buzzing sound is believed to change pitch as they increase or decrease the frequency of their flapping, especially when they pursue a mate.

We have the magic solution for you to get keep these mozzies away- meet "Hamba Mozzie" natural insect repellant oil.

Besides the fact that it can be used on babies from 3 months it can also be used on a adult & the powerful blend of natural repellant & antiseptic properties in the oil acts as an repellant & as a moisteriser at the same time.

Our all natural Hamba Mozzie oil contains the base of pure grade olive oil & essential oils of Lemon oil; Citronella oil; Cinnamon oil & Eucalyptus oil.

* Not to be used as replacement for malaria tablets or external applications in a malaria-stricken area.

Shop here by clicking on the link!

Each product is handmade & formulated by a pharmacist and her team of ladies from a local community in Cape Town.

And off course keep in mind we are the affordable, compact, fit-in-your pocket brand but our ingredients packs a powerful punch!

Avoid the busy malls & shop locally handmade South African businesses, not only are you supporting us but you are supporting an entrepreneurs' dream & family!

Our message is to encourage people to shop local!

There are several reasons why:

Firstly the owners of local businesses are behind the counters!

Local businesses stock local products & buy local services!

Local businesses supports local events, sports teams & charities 250% more than corporations!

Buying local keeps 4 times the money in the economy compared to shopping at chains!




Ubuntu brand ethos is embodied in the phrase/slogan ‘Old Remedies Reborn’ - We’ve breathed new life into trusted remedies.

Our aim is to keep effective traditional family remedies alive!​

We are committed to making new generations aware of tried and trusted solutions our grandparents would use when their children were ill.!

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