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South African Zinkies SPF40

Remember in the 80's we all walked around with zinc sunscreen in neon colours? Well now you can walk around in true South African flag colours black, blue, yellow, red, green and yellow especially when there are South African Cricket games at Newlands 🏏 or for surfing!

School kids can use it for their athletics games! Most of the colours can be mix and matched to make the school colours.

The Zinkies sunscreen range comes with cool slang sayings like "Howzit Bokkie " Kiff bru" " Stoked-oke" so it makes it the perfect gift as well!

Furthermore Zinc as a sunscreen is still one of the best ingredients to protect the skin. Our zinkies has even 10% more zinc in to add extra protection and added carrot seed oil which is a natural sun protector.

If you want a truly local South African brand, handmade in Cape Town look no further than our unique products. We have the right summer essentials for your beach bag or safari with our Howzit Bokkie; Kiff-Bru; Aita-Bra; Stoked-oke; Aweh and Black Mamba .

If you want added protection apply our Bladdy Good Sunscreen underneath our Zinkies sunscreen and if you do get burnt -use our Bladdy Good Afterburn Gel!

Each product is handmade & formulated by a pharmacist and her team of ladies from a local community in Cape Town.

And off course keep in mind we are the affordable, compact, fit-in-your pocket brand but our ingredients packs a powerful punch!

Our Zinkies SPF40 sunscreen range is:

✅ safe for kids

✅ chemical free

✅paraben free

✅ fragrance free

✅ safe for sensitive skin

✅ mineral based

✅SPF 40

✅ water resistant

✅ local made

✅stain free

✅sweat resistant

✅ fits in your pocket/travelsize

Avoid the busy malls & shop locally handmade South African businesses, not only are you supporting us but you are supporting an entrepreneurs' dream & family!

Our message is to encourage people to shop local!

There are several reasons why:

Firstly the owners of local businesses are behind the counters!

Local businesses stock local products & buy local services!

Local businesses supports local events, sports teams & charities 250% more than corporations!

Buying local keeps 4 times the money in the economy compared to shopping at chains!


At our Flagship store @ The Watershed, V&A Waterfront; Cape Town


Walking into the new year with our eyes raised to our beautiful mountain! Have a prosperous new year everyone!

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